Welcome to Advally

Welcome to Advally

Ad Revenue Optimization Platform for Desktop & Mobile web, Video, Connected TV & OTT and In-App publishers

We’re focused on enabling our partners to deliver an outstanding viewing experience while preserving the safety, trust, and relevancy of the ads on our systems. 



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"BeachGrit, the world's biggest surf news website, switched to the Advally network four months ago.

We can report an increase in revenue month on month, which is great, of course, although it’s the responsiveness of staff to questions, issues, requests etc. that really does set ‘em apart.

Truly thrilled to be their client."


"Advally has been an outstanding AdOps partner of ours in a multi-year relationship. The thing I like best about Advally is I know they genuinely have our best interests at heart when discussing strategy even if they don't directly benefit, which is rare for any partner. Advally is a very responsive AdOps partner that has driven our monthly revenue meaningfully and we look forward to working together for many years to come."

Nextglass, Inc

"We had to reorganize our entire ad operations department in a very short timeframe, including figuring out how to manage our programmatic ads. We got in touch with AdVally and they stepped in quickly to, not only get us set up with several programmatic ad networks, but also helped us better organize our ad units for better traffic flighting. Over the years with them, we've seen several periods of better-than-projected programmatic revenue, they're always knowledgeable on best practices and good about letting us know about new revenue options that we could pursue.."



Our Partners




Desktop and Mobile Web



Ad experience segmentation


Custom ad layout without harming the user experience


Fewer ads with higher viewable formats


Custom-built ad units


Premium demand partners


Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Ad Manager 360 partner

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Services & Technologies 


Industry-leading header Bidding Wrapper

Our industry-leading wrapper seamlessly juggles header bidding with server-side bidders while supporting advanced features like lazy loading and in-view refresh.


Anti-Malware Protection

We integrate with malware protection services to ensure your audience isn't bothered by malware and unwanted ads.


Page Speed Optimization

Faster page speed means is better for everybody. We help our publishers analyze and improve their page speed.


Consent Management

Our wrapper is compatible with any IAB-compatible consent framework and will pass consent to our demand partners.


Ad-block Recovery

We partner with ad-block tracking and recovery services to help you track and recover revenue from ad-block users.


Hosted ads.txt

Never update another ads.txt again after a 1-time setup with our hosted ads.txt solution.


Ad Injection

Our ad injection technology allows us to create and move ad slots on your page without your development resources.



Our proprietary LazyLoader leverages lightweight JavaScript observers to trigger ad calls more efficiently and with better viewability.



Increase your inventory while maintaining high viewability without negatively affecting your direct campaigns.

ad servers


Server-to-Server Header Bidding


Marco pass-thru & Optimization


Customizable Ad Pods


Ad server specialists




Connected TV & OTT

Our Partners

CTV Partners-1



Easy Native & Webview integration


Premium Bidding Demand


Audience Segmentation


Full Transparency



We respect the Industry

Ownership & Control

Use your existing Google Ad Manager, and Advaly will set up your AdX account directly with Google. Advally will set up your relationship with the networks directly, and/or you can use ours. 

Dedicated Customer Success Manager + Technical Support 

Advally is a boutique ad tech company and takes great pride in our customer services. Our customer service puts us above anyone else in the industry. As well as being there for you at short notice, your Customer Success Manager will handle all requests from Direct campaign management, present new business strategies and revenue opportunities and ensure your users have an excellent user experience! Advally will provide technological support, including access to our ad ops team and developers via your customer success manager. 

Full Transparency

Reporting directly from the header bidder and importing from demand APIs provides you with the detailed data to understand exactly what's happening on your site.

We respect your Business

We prioritize user experience. 

You can trust that Advally will never launch any new ad units or Adtech without approval. Advally wants to ensure you have full control over the ads on your site. 

We deliver user-safe content.

Just like brands look for brand-safe publisher content, publishers deserve user-safe ads. 

We respect the user's privacy.

Whether it is CCPA for California residents, GDPR for Europeans, cookie tracking regulations, or others, we will ensure you are fully compliant.

We respect your Users

We Optimize the supply path 

Many monetization partners who are in the game for a quick win will go for quantity over quality. That means sending a ton of requests for each ad opportunity to many ad partners. While you might think this would raise CPMs, it lowers them significantly, as the big ad buyers will start blocking those calls very quickly.

We deliver the KPIs you want

We deliver the inventory that advertisers are looking for. Placements that are high impact and highly viewable.  

We are evolving with the industry.
We strive to be at the forefront of adopting initiatives that change the industry for the better. The big advertisers will always prefer those companies. They would rather target a transparent supply chain with ads.txt and sellers.json