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Drew Curtis,

Fark has been around for 22 years now, and nearly always when I meet supposed ad-tech experts they're just full of crap

Advally is the incredibly rare exception, possibly the unique exception. Here's how you know they're good: when they don't know they say "I don't know". They don't make up buzzword bs answers to hard questions, they give their best guess and a confidence level. They gave me clear answers to ad-stack questions I've had for nearly two decades.

Never in my career have I left this positive of a review for anyone. Advally is the real deal.

Bob Bosch,

Advally done a great job with our programmatic platform
Love that Advally is primarily concerned with the long-term success of our site and partnership
Very valuable strategic partner, not just a technology partner.

James Patrick, OTT STUDIO

An amazing partner for publishers. They've truly built a powerful demand machine for our video ad inventory. We sit back while they handle everything, and it has significantly increased our revenue. Zero complaints, their team is awesome and everything you could want from an ad-ops partner.

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