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Who are We!


We come from a publishing background with over a decade worth of experience. The combination of selling advertising on Digital properties, building web technologies, running ad ops before it had a name, digital marketing and e-commerce make us a unique combination. We think we are in a unique position that has helped us master the art of problem-solving skills.



Doug Bishop

CEO & Co-Founder


Paul Stanisci

CTO & Co-Founder


Jenni01 Jennifer Le Querré

Director of Advertising Operations

Lindi Dique

Director of Business Development


Doug Bond

Customer Success Manager 

Japliv01 Japliv Kaur

Advertising Operations Manager  


 Fabrice Le Querré

Onboarding specialist


Renche Smit

Onboarding specialist


Hunt Ho

Director of Finance


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Sifa Vahora


Here's Where You Can Find Us:


Address:5165 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 500

Montreal, Quebec, H4A 1T6


Phone: (+1) 514 448 2760

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