Our Process

Holistic Revenue Optimization

How do we do it

We utilize a process called holistic revenue optimization, which takes every possible aspect of digital advertising into account to maximize your revenue.

There are a multitude of ways to make money from your properties, and we have a skilled team of people who are constantly testing and implementing all the new technologies. Our process can be applied to everything from ad layout to incremental revenue technologies to the latest in display bidding setups—whether it be header bidding, exchange bidding, Amazon’s TAM, server-to-server or anything else that appears on the horizon.   

Holistic revenue optimization looks at the big picture and pulls every known lever to put more money in your bank account.   

Check out our holistic process below:


Week 1 - Onboarding Starts

We get your site approved on all the major networks, and have everything set up. This process usually takes up to two weeks and we handle all of it on your behalf.

Week 2 - Testing and Launch

Once the onboarding process is complete, we deliver your tags for integration and testing. Quality assurance typically takes one to two days, and the tags can then be launched live.

Week 3 - Measuring and Tweaking

Once the setup goes live, we begin to collect the revenue data and tweak the setup to obtain optimal performance. Within roughly a month, we will have maximized the basic setup and learned much more about how your audience monetizes.

Week 4 - Experimentation

Going forward from this point, we begin the process of testing all aspects: new ad technologies, new layout ideas, and anything you can dream up. We work directly with you on these tests to ensure everything works harmoniously with your site.

Ongoing - Holistic Revenue Optimization

Our process of holistic revenue optimization means that we will constantly be testing and improving every possible aspect of programmatic advertising on an ongoing basis. We are always present in the background, looking for any possible way to put more money in your bank account.