Our Promise

Customer Service


Advally’s main differentiator is our passionate focus on customer service. We implicitly understand that advertising may be the main revenue driver to your business and, as such, you will always be able to reach a human being for assistance.   

During regular business hours, you will always have access to a team you know—and the ability to contact them directly with any sort of problem or question you might have. In the off-hours, we have a help desk, which routes your concerns to the on-call teams, ensuring assistance is always at hand.  

We also understand how frustrating it can be when there are problems with the ads and there is nobody to hold accountable. At your request, we will gladly address any advertising concerns directly with your audience. No matter what the problem is, we will always listen and go the extra mile to find a solution.


Our tool, AdLigature, is custom-built to manage the complexities of a modern advertising setup, but gives you one simple-to-understand dashboard view of what is taking place.   

Once everything is set up, your access will enable you to see your daily progress, as well as what kind of effect traffic has on your revenue, providing you with a clear understanding of all the different sources it originates from. Although our dashboard is designed to be simple to understand, it comprises complex data, which your account executive will be happy to go over with you and answer any questions you might have.  

We love nothing more than publishers who want to dive in deep!

Also included in our system is an Ads.txt management interface. Once installed, there is no more need to do manual uploads and file tracking with updates you receive from networks. AdLigature is revolutionary, making the programmatic setup a cinch.  

Additionally, we are constantly developing new features, using feedback from our clients to drive these decisions. If you need something added, we’re always happy to work it into our next sprint cycle!

AdLigature also comes with a lot of baked-in technology, which is ordinarily costly. This includes header bidding analytics, mobile redirect protections, dynamic price floor optimization and revenue source aggregation, just to name a few. Many publishers find that in order to replace our tools, it would cost them more than the revenue share we take.