Our Solutions

Turn key or White Label?

We have two primary ways in which we can manage your advertising, our Turnkey solution or a complete White-Label setup.


Our Turnkey solution
We replace the tags on your site with a completely functioning ad setup. All you need to do is sign a contract with us, and we provide an advanced advertising setup, which is tuned for maximum revenue all day, every day. If you’re looking to focus solely on content and want nothing to do with ads… this is the setup for you!

Our White-Label solution
We act as your in-house ad ops team. We use your tools, your accounts, your ad manager and your accounting system—and integrate everything we do into your organization. Typically, this way of working is more suited to medium to large publishers looking to replace or supplement their in-house team.

  1. The publisher needs to sign 10 to 12 different contracts with ad networks to start and will need to sign new contracts every time a network is added

  2. Payment terms from networks vary from 30 to 90 days

  3. The publisher’s accounting team needs to reconcile payments from all partner networks and provide this information to Advally once per month

  4. 20% revenue share

  5. The publisher needs their own GAM and AdX account

  6. The publisher must have 2 million+ unique visitors per month

  1. SetupThe setup is extremely simple—one contract, one set of tags

  2. Payment terms are net 60

  3. No accounting work is necessary—one single monthly payment from Advally

  4. 20% revenue share

  5. No need for GAM—you use ours

  6. No traffic requirements